International workshop on Red-throated Divers, 24-25 November 2016, Hamburg

As part of the DIVER project an international workshop on Red-throated Divers was held at BSH premises in Hamburg on 24-25 November 2016. The workshop was a great success with more than 40 diver researchers from different countries, representatives of German regulators and offshore wind energy industry attending the meeting.

During the 2 day meeting interim project results of the DIVER project were presented and discussed as well as presentations of international diver experts from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Lithuania, UK and USA. Main focus of the workshop presentations and discussions was on the effect of offshore wind farms to divers, but also different aspects of diver biology, such as diver diet and migration patterns.

The workshop agenda as well as most of the presentations (published with the permission of the authors) can be found below.


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Stefan Garthe (Germany): Introduction and current state of knowledge on divers in German waters


Thomas Merck (Germany): Welcome words of BfN

Jesper Kyed Larsen (Denmark): Divers and wind farms – a point of view from wind energy industry side


Sue O’Brien (UK): Evidence needs for offshore wind farm development in the UK


Georg Nehls (Germany): Introduction to the DIVER project


Ramūnas Žydelis (Denmark): High mobility of Red-throated Divers revealed by satellite telemetry


Volker Dierschke (Germany): Divers and wind farms – review of available information and perspectives for German marine areas


Monika Dorsch (Germany): Red-throated Diver winter movements in areas with offshore wind farms


Stefan Heinänen (Denmark): Red-throated Diver habitat use in the German North Sea based on aerial survey data


Ramūnas Žydelis (Denmark): Red-throated Diver habitat use in the German North Sea based on telemetry data



Friday, 25 November 2016

Petra Quillfeldt (Germany): Introduction to telemetry methods


Carrie Gray (USA): Red-throated Loon telemetry project in the US


Ramūnas Žydelis (Lithuania): Red-throated Diver telemetry study in Lithuania


Ib Krag Petersen (Denmark): Geolocation study of Red-throated Divers in Iceland, Shetland and Orkney


Joel Schmutz (USA) (presented by Carrie Gray): Red-throated Loon telemetry study in Alaska


Mats Eriksson (Sweden): Levels and trends in the Swedish population of Red-throated Diver in Sweden


Birgit Kleinschmidt (Germany): Ecological diet analyses of Red-throated Divers wintering in the German North Sea based on molecular methods


Mardik Leopold (Netherlands): Foraging ecology of Red-throated Divers


Richard Caldow (UK) (presented by Sue O’Brien): Red-throated divers in the UK: site-based protection at sea and assessment of effects of marine activities in protected sites

Andy Webb (UK): Operational effects of Lincs and LID wind farms on red-throated divers in the Greater Wash